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Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow....

Back in early December our girls took the chance of trying out for a high school musical. Yes, they at the time they were only 7 and 9. Their music teacher recommended it. Never in a million years did we expect either one to get a part not because we did not think they were good enough, but because there a lot of kids trying out and it was something they had never done before. There were kids trying out who had been doing theatre for years. A week later we got the news that Ally got the part of Molly (one of the orphans) in Annie. We were shocked. We felt bad for Meg because we did not want her to be discouraged. But, she was a true champion and amazing sister. She was sad at first and then came around to that she would help her sister with her script and songs. Just once again proving to us how incredible she is. 

So, then practices began and Ally jumped right in feet first. No fears hanging with the high school cast and the rest of the orphans who she did not know. She truly has grown through this process. When we got her script we thought WOW this is not just a little orphan part she is a main character. But we down played it with her because we did not want to make her nervous, because again this is was her 1st time doing something like this. Obviously with Irish dance she has been used to dancing in front of hundreds if not more at Milwaukee Irish Fest. But, talking and singing in front of a theatre of people is totally different. 

The high school students have been truly AMAZING. Ally is the youngest cast member out of 52 members. She has been taken under their wings and they have loved her like she is their own sister. It has left us feeling so great and knowing that when she has been at practice 4-5-6 days a week that she was in great hands. These kids talk to her about issues she has at school and give her suggestions about how to deal with things. AMAZING it really is.  I don't think they realize how much she is going to miss them when this all over....

Last weekend was opening night and Ally for the first time said she was nervous. But, she did incredible! We were able to go to a dress rehearsal so I could snap some pictures as you can see. She lit up on the stage and it seems she has found her calling! We have been blessed to have so many friends and family that have come to see the show. It has really made her feel special and she is shocked that people want to come and see just her. LOL

This weekend is the last weekend of the show and I think she is going to be really sad when it is over and she won't get to see her new friends anymore. At the cast party last weekend one of the high school girls, Kate, who plays Miss Hannigan, said that when she was having a bad day at school what got her through the day was knowing she would get to come to play practice and spend time with the kids. She said it was like therapy for her. So, I think they too will miss the kids. We are so glad that she has had this experience and look forward to watching her grow and see where this journey takes her....

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