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The Pontow Family Blog

Monday, October 21, 2013

Soccer Season has ended

We have spent the spring/summer/fall playing soccer and it has finally come to an end for 2013. It has been a great time for the kids and for us. Chad is on the board for the Kimberly Area Soccer Association and played soccer for many years. I love to watch and photograph the sport. My grandpa came to the US from Scotland to play soccer. So, it is quite exciting to see my kids as excited for the sport as I am guessing my grandpa Jim was when he was a kid.

They are still learning the ins and outs of the sport, but they love it. If we asked them what their favorite sport was they would most likely say Soccer. They each have their favorite position to play. Jack likes to be on the offense so he has more chances to score goals. But, he is an amazing defense player. 

Meg really loves to play goalie. Who would have thought that our little irish dancer wanted to be a goalie? She constantly is smiling when she is on the field. It is a great thing to see!

Ally is quite the fast one on the field. There is no stopping her. She plays all over since she is newer to the sport she is getting more familiar with the different positions and the game. But, wow watch out! She is not afraid to get in there and steal the ball. She has played up several times to help out Meg's team and so is playing with kids that are at least a head taller than her. I guess it has helped having her play with Jack and Meg in the yard. 

We are sad to see another season end. But, look forward to 2014 when the next one will begin. As long as the kids are happy and enjoying it then we are happy going to the games and being a part of such a great sport and carrying on the family tradition of playing soccer. :) Our hope is that this year we can take the kids to a soccer game in Chicago. We think it would be amazing for them to see a professional game in person. They watch all the games on TV with Chad, but to be there with that amazing energy would be great to watch!

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