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The Pontow Family Blog

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

4th Grade, 3rd Grade, 1st Grade OH MY!

1st Day of school don't you remember it from when you were kids? Yeah I kind of do. I remember always being nervous about who I was going to be sitting next to. Is my teacher going to be nice? All the what if's that went through my head.

I can see a lot of Meg in me when she was getting ready for bed last night and then ready to go to the 1st day of school today. When Meg came home she did not want to talk about the 1st day. But she kept saying Mrs. Hendricks is soo AWESOME! Ahh the relief I felt. No worries came from her face. For a little girl who has worried a lot the past couple years it was so sweet to see her just happy go lucky!

Even Ally had a bit of nervous energy moving about her. Last night when the girls went to bed she wanted her pillow where she could see Meg because they were talking about school as I listened in from outside the door. I love hearing that side of them and Meg telling her it will be alright and she has nothing to worry about. We have determined the one thing that can exhaust Ally is all day school! Hard to believe, but when she came home she said she was exhausted. She laid on our bed with me and told me about her entire day. She said there were so many rules they were told about and that they got to have a picnic for lunch. It was a great day for her. And she promised that she did not talk too much. Hmmmm....

All Jack kept thinking was I am now the "Top Dog" as his 3rd grade teacher who tutored him all summer told him at their last session a week ago. I am a 4th grader. The highest grade at my school. The younger kids will look up to me and I will get to be a part of helping serve lunch, say the pledge of allegiance and be a role model. But of course I could tell he was definitely feeling the "Top Dog" attitude as he was not interested in taking my annual picture in front of the garage. The garage is like a ruler for me. I can look back on how tall they were from the previous year. But hey he's a boy who just wants to be the "Top Dog" and not be the son of a mom who loves to photograph every moment. I can't really blame him. I am sure my parents have similar pictures of me growing up.

And so it goes yet another 1st day of school comes to a close. And we get back into the grind of Homework, Soccer, Irish Dance and Karate. Enjoy the time with your kids because they are only young once. Capture every moment you can. Hug them and tell them you love them each and every day!

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