The Pontow Family Blog

The Pontow Family Blog

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Firecracker turns 6!

Yep that's right my baby has officially turned 6 years old. WOW! Where has the time gone. Really my youngest child is 6 years old??? I can't believe that. This year Ally got to have her 1st kid party. And boy was she ever excited. Not sure why I decided to wait until she was 6. But, I just wasn't ready before now with Ally to do it. So, Ally and her girlfriends went to a salon to get their hair and nails done. And all glittered up. As I sit here I have a piece of glitter that I can't get off of my face. Real nice I tell you!

Anyway, Ally has had a great year of school, Irish Dance, Karate and so much more. She goes from one minute playing with her American Girl dolls or Lolaloopsy dolls to then being in an army with Jack or building a snow fort with him. She definitely has some tomboy qualities to her. She is not afraid to get in there and do things, but yet at times will make the comment that she is shy. We all know Ally is far from being shy.

This past week she was Star of the Week at school and she had to write what about her is special. She said in this order 1) I'm an Irish Dancer, 2) God made me, 3) I'm a firecracker. There you have it. And she also let everyone know that when she grows up she wants to be a superstar. My brother, Jim, was lucky enough to attend the Oscars this year and when we talked to him the day after Ally said "When I go to the Oscars Uncle Jim, I will take you with me." WOW talk about confidence! Just one of the many reasons we love Ally and we are so glad she was born!!