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The Pontow Family Blog

Monday, November 18, 2013

Sister Bond

22 years it has been since I saw my sister, Meggan. It is a constant struggle of wanting my sister to talk to when I need advice. There is no fill in for that. I am grateful my girls have each other and hope they never have to experience the loss I have.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween from our 3 Musketeers!

We hope you had a wonderful Halloween! It was rainy here, but that did not stop our Merida, Lalaloopsy and Werewolf from going Trick or Treating!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Soccer Season has ended

We have spent the spring/summer/fall playing soccer and it has finally come to an end for 2013. It has been a great time for the kids and for us. Chad is on the board for the Kimberly Area Soccer Association and played soccer for many years. I love to watch and photograph the sport. My grandpa came to the US from Scotland to play soccer. So, it is quite exciting to see my kids as excited for the sport as I am guessing my grandpa Jim was when he was a kid.

They are still learning the ins and outs of the sport, but they love it. If we asked them what their favorite sport was they would most likely say Soccer. They each have their favorite position to play. Jack likes to be on the offense so he has more chances to score goals. But, he is an amazing defense player. 

Meg really loves to play goalie. Who would have thought that our little irish dancer wanted to be a goalie? She constantly is smiling when she is on the field. It is a great thing to see!

Ally is quite the fast one on the field. There is no stopping her. She plays all over since she is newer to the sport she is getting more familiar with the different positions and the game. But, wow watch out! She is not afraid to get in there and steal the ball. She has played up several times to help out Meg's team and so is playing with kids that are at least a head taller than her. I guess it has helped having her play with Jack and Meg in the yard. 

We are sad to see another season end. But, look forward to 2014 when the next one will begin. As long as the kids are happy and enjoying it then we are happy going to the games and being a part of such a great sport and carrying on the family tradition of playing soccer. :) Our hope is that this year we can take the kids to a soccer game in Chicago. We think it would be amazing for them to see a professional game in person. They watch all the games on TV with Chad, but to be there with that amazing energy would be great to watch!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Feed My Starving Children

Something that is important to us is teaching our kids about giving back and paying it forward. Last year Meg (and Jack and Ally got to help too) had the chance with Brownies to work at St. Joseph's Food Pantry and it really sparked something in them. They asked when could we go back to help. When I contacted the Food Pantry about volunteering there they said it is very difficult to get on the list of volunteers because they have their "regulars". It was very disheartening to hear. Here were my 3 kids wanting to do this and they basically were being told "No we don't need you." So, I searched for something else that we could do. I had heard about Feed the Starving Children. But there are not a lot of options for that up in WI. So, I looked for it down in IL. 
I did not tell the kids too much about it other than we would be making meals for kids in other countries. I wanted them to experience it all when we got there. My parents went with us and we all had our jobs. The kids wanted to experience each of the different jobs, so they kind of bounced around for the 2 hours we spent volunteering.

They could not believe that there were kids in other countries that did not have meals or food to eat every day. It was a great expereince for them to do and see that not everyone is lucky like us to have a roof over our heads and blankets covering us every night.
 It really makes you remember what is important in life. It is not about the things you have, but about the people you surround yourself with and the way you live your life. And making sure you to pay it forward and give back to your community.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

4th Grade, 3rd Grade, 1st Grade OH MY!

1st Day of school don't you remember it from when you were kids? Yeah I kind of do. I remember always being nervous about who I was going to be sitting next to. Is my teacher going to be nice? All the what if's that went through my head.

I can see a lot of Meg in me when she was getting ready for bed last night and then ready to go to the 1st day of school today. When Meg came home she did not want to talk about the 1st day. But she kept saying Mrs. Hendricks is soo AWESOME! Ahh the relief I felt. No worries came from her face. For a little girl who has worried a lot the past couple years it was so sweet to see her just happy go lucky!

Even Ally had a bit of nervous energy moving about her. Last night when the girls went to bed she wanted her pillow where she could see Meg because they were talking about school as I listened in from outside the door. I love hearing that side of them and Meg telling her it will be alright and she has nothing to worry about. We have determined the one thing that can exhaust Ally is all day school! Hard to believe, but when she came home she said she was exhausted. She laid on our bed with me and told me about her entire day. She said there were so many rules they were told about and that they got to have a picnic for lunch. It was a great day for her. And she promised that she did not talk too much. Hmmmm....

All Jack kept thinking was I am now the "Top Dog" as his 3rd grade teacher who tutored him all summer told him at their last session a week ago. I am a 4th grader. The highest grade at my school. The younger kids will look up to me and I will get to be a part of helping serve lunch, say the pledge of allegiance and be a role model. But of course I could tell he was definitely feeling the "Top Dog" attitude as he was not interested in taking my annual picture in front of the garage. The garage is like a ruler for me. I can look back on how tall they were from the previous year. But hey he's a boy who just wants to be the "Top Dog" and not be the son of a mom who loves to photograph every moment. I can't really blame him. I am sure my parents have similar pictures of me growing up.

And so it goes yet another 1st day of school comes to a close. And we get back into the grind of Homework, Soccer, Irish Dance and Karate. Enjoy the time with your kids because they are only young once. Capture every moment you can. Hug them and tell them you love them each and every day!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Freckled Meg turns 8

It is hard to believe that Meggan has turned 8. Where has the time gone? Seeing life thru her eyes is something amazing. She has a heart of gold and would help anyone. She will cheer on her dance friends as they perform and compete. She is the cheerleader for all that surround her. She has started to play softball this year and continues with soccer.

She continues to have a fascination with animals and is determined that when she grows up she will be helping animals. She loves to read and will read to anyone that will listen. She prefers to read out loud because she likes to hear it how it sounds she tells us.

We love her so!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Firecracker turns 6!

Yep that's right my baby has officially turned 6 years old. WOW! Where has the time gone. Really my youngest child is 6 years old??? I can't believe that. This year Ally got to have her 1st kid party. And boy was she ever excited. Not sure why I decided to wait until she was 6. But, I just wasn't ready before now with Ally to do it. So, Ally and her girlfriends went to a salon to get their hair and nails done. And all glittered up. As I sit here I have a piece of glitter that I can't get off of my face. Real nice I tell you!

Anyway, Ally has had a great year of school, Irish Dance, Karate and so much more. She goes from one minute playing with her American Girl dolls or Lolaloopsy dolls to then being in an army with Jack or building a snow fort with him. She definitely has some tomboy qualities to her. She is not afraid to get in there and do things, but yet at times will make the comment that she is shy. We all know Ally is far from being shy.

This past week she was Star of the Week at school and she had to write what about her is special. She said in this order 1) I'm an Irish Dancer, 2) God made me, 3) I'm a firecracker. There you have it. And she also let everyone know that when she grows up she wants to be a superstar. My brother, Jim, was lucky enough to attend the Oscars this year and when we talked to him the day after Ally said "When I go to the Oscars Uncle Jim, I will take you with me." WOW talk about confidence! Just one of the many reasons we love Ally and we are so glad she was born!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

9 Years and Counting....

9 Years ago at about 4 am my water broke while I slept. Jack wasn't due for another couple weeks. To be honest I had no idea that was what had happened. I thought I had pee'd myself. But around that time Chad started getting all worried that this very thing would happen on our bed and so had put towels under the sheets so as not to ruin the mattress. So, I got up to go to the bathroom and there was no gushing of fluids just a trickle. So, I did what a lot of ladies would do and called my mom. She told me it sounded like my water had broke and to call my doctor.

So, instead of calling my doctor right away I did all the important things like taking a shower and getting things done around the house. I was feeling fine and had no pain. So, I thought this couldn't possibly be labor. I even logged into work and you can ask anyone that worked with me 9 years ago how funny I was with "Yeah I think I am labor but need to get some stuff done because this is too early" kind of attitude. I did eventually call my doctor and he told me to get to the doctor right away. So, off we went. But of course I had to stop and eat something because I knew once I got there they would never let me eat until after the delivery and who knew how long that would be. By this point I had a little pressure as I liked to call it. Some cramping, but still nothing that I would have been crying or screaming over.

When we got to the hospital they did all the fun stuff of setting me up on monitors to see if I was having contractions since I did not feel a lot of pain it was hard for me to say. Sure enough I was in full blown labor. The nurses were laughing at me. When they checked me after first arriving I was already 7 cm dilated. I thought WOW could this be any easier? My mom worked at the hospital where I was delivering so she showed up for work around 8ish and my dad came thru. The excitement was really in the air. We had no idea what were having, but we had our names picked out very early on in the pregnancy. I always loved the name Jack and everyone knew that if he had been a girl he would have a Meggan.

So, by about 10am Jack had arrived. Chad's shock of him being a red head has surely worn off given we have 2 red heads now and he can't imagine him any other way. The things I learned during my delivery is that I am tough cookie and did not need an epidural. Apparently I have a high threshold for pain. Who would have thought? I also learned that I never thought I could have loved something/someone as much as I loved that little baby when he was born. I love him more today than I did that day 9 years ago. I look forward to watching him grow into a fine young man. I love that he protects his sisters. I love that he has an imagination the size of the moon! I love him for who he is and whoever he wants to be! We will love him no matter what!

Happy Birthday Jack! We are glad you were born!!