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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

High Ho High Ho it's off to school we go....

Yesterday the kids started back to school. It is hard to believe that Jack is in 3rd grade, Meggan is in 2nd grade and Ally started kindergarten! The 1st day went great aside from how hot it was at school. 

Last week we went to Meet the Teacher day at our school. Meggan's teacher gave us a special note that she couldn't open until Monday night. So, there was a lot of anticipation waiting for Monday. When she opened the note it was a poem about sweet dreams for the 1st day of school. And there was a bag of confetti. The poem explained that if you sprinkled the confetti under your pillow you would have sweet dreams. So, of course we had to do that! And Meg being the kind sister she is split up the confetti so Jack and Ally would have some too. 
And then when Meg was at school yesterday her teacher gave them a bag of goldfish crackers which a note that said "You're O-Fish-ally a 2nd grader!" How cute is that!
Meg said her favorite part of school was meeting her classmates and just being at school in a new class. :)

Jack was excited to see his classmates and get back in the groove of school. He has a young spunky teacher who seems very cool for a 3rd grade classroom. When we went to school yesterday Jack immediately started helping her get the windows open in their classroom. He said his favorite part of the day was the getting to know you game that they played outside. And they got to eat lunch outside too!

Ally was very excited to be starting school as well. Her biggest excitement about school since meeting her teacher at Meet the Teacher day was learning to read. So, yesterday that was all she talked about. I told her to go easy on her teacher because she would not be learning to read the 1st day. But, let me tell you that has a lit a fire under her to learn all of her ABCs. She knows most of them, but there is a chunk of letters she has trouble identifying. Needless to say we are spending time every day working on it. Her favorite part of the day was... drum roll please... meeting her new friends. I know shocker for our shy Ally. HAHA
Of course it wouldn't be a funny send off if Mom and Dad did not take funny pictures with the kids. Ally was not at all amused by my happy dance. But, we thought it was kind of funny. We love our kids and know that this year is going to be an amazing one for all 3 of them!!

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