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The Pontow Family Blog

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Feising weekend

This past weekend I took Meggan and her friend Katie and Katie's mom down to Chicago for a feis. For those not familiar with the Irish Dance World a feis is an irish dance competition. Meg has competed in 4 feis' so far and just started competing less than a year ago. I still remember that first feis at Pat Roche last October. We were soo nervous on whether she would be okay getting on the stage and dancing her little heart out. She surprised us all that day and each day forward. Meggan is usually pretty quiet leading up to her feis and I think it is that she gets nervous. But, then she gets on that stage and she turns on her game face.

We are proud of her for having the courage to do it! This weekend she got to compete at a new level because she has been doing this for some time. So, that brought more nerves with it. But, she and Katie both did awesome!! They had the best smiles out there given there was a lot of sitting around waiting on judges and musicians. Her cousins and Uncle Scott even came to cheer her on which was a really nice surprise!

Meg received a 4th place for her jig and 6th place for her Reel. She was super happy and we were so excited for her! She got a cute picture from her brother and sister giving her a big thumbs up which she loved. 
And the girls ended the day getting to pick out Feis tie dye tshirts. In our house it is a little tradition that we get a tie dye shirt for all of Meg's hard work leading up to the feis. This time she and Katie got matching shirts with a little bit of bling on them. All in all, we had a fantastic weekend!!

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