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The Pontow Family Blog

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April comes and goes

Oh where has the time gone. I feel like I say that alot these days. Many nights I spend just thinking where did my day go? It is almost like a blur. I would love to freeze time and just relax and enjoy all that is around me, but it seems we are on a constant roller coaster of non-stop ups and downs. Where do I begin? In December, Meg started having some issues where she was throwing up in her sleep, having horrible headaches, blurred vision and some emotional mood swings. We went thru 2 months of her throwing up multiple times a week in her bed, on the couch or wherever she was asleep. We kept being told it was the flu, and then it was acid reflux. My stubbornness and unwillingness to just take that as the culprit lead Meg to have to have a CT scan, MRI, blood tests and an EEG. Everything was normal except the EEG. In a 45 minute period Meggan had a few bursts of seizures. We waited several days before I contacted our doctor to find out what the results were and I was stunned when the pediatrician told me it was seizures. I did not understand how that would just all of a sudden start happening. Needless to say we had to get in to see a neurologist as soon as possible to determine how severe her case was. For Meg she is not having epileptic seizures, but the throwing up, mood swings, headaches and vision problems were the way her seizures come out. What is happening for her is that she has these 5 second seizures and her brain doesn't know how to recover from it.

Thankfully we have an amazing doctor who was able to come up with a treatment plan for Meggan and we are hoping that Meg is in the 60% of kids who have this time of seizure disorder who end up being okay and never turning to epilepsy. But, still the worrier in my wonders what if? And I worry so much about her these days. She has been on her medication for a month now and you can see a change in her personality where she seems more withdrawn and tired all the time. Breaks my heart because it is not like her. She is now struggling at school with her morning teacher who for whatever reason can't practice patience with Meggan and can't give her benefit of the doubt. There are so many things that we are now having to familiarize ourselves with that we have never had to think of in the past with Meg.

We can only hope and pray the medicine will work and Meg will adjust to the meds and come back to being the smiley girl all the time. The one who loved going to school rather than crying about going to school.
We pray that we are able to figure out what her triggers are for the seizures.
We pray that her teacher backs off and let's her be without us having to intervene anymore than we already have.
We pray that with May's arrival will come happier times not overcast by this disorder.
We pray for Meg's peace and happiness...


Terri McDonnell said...

Praying right along with you, Pontow family! You are so loving, resilient and persistent - but now praying that you don't need to practice those last two things quite so often and that you may enjoy PEACE in the days and months ahead...!

Terri McDonnell said...

Praying right along with you, Pontow family! Wishing you - and Meg - PEACE, peace, peace!

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