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The Pontow Family Blog

Monday, November 5, 2012

Get out and Vote!

In case you have been hiding under a rock and not answering your phone or checking your mail the presidential election is tomorrow. :) In honor of this day in history Ally decided to sing a special song for everyone. Check it out. And be sure to vote!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Make A Difference Pontow Way...

This year Chad and I have been trying to teach our kids about giving back and volunteering. The kids have been active in boy scouts and girl scouts which are both organizations that pride themselves on this thinking. It was very important to us to take part in Make A Difference Day on Saturday, 10/27/12. It was a chilly Saturday morning, but that did not stop us. Or maybe it was the hot cocoa that kept us all going. :)

I had contacted our city to see if there were any parks that we could go and clean up. Our city was so excited that we were looking to do this. They checked to see which parks could use some tender care and then let us pick which one we wanted to go to work on. We decided to do the one that was located by our school. We knew we would not be able to get the whole park done, but we know that we were making a difference by working on part of the park.
Each of the kids grabbed a rake and started working on a designated area. We did bring a couple electronic gadgets to help since it was just the 5 of us and we wanted to make as big of a dent as possible in this large park. It was really a great experience for all of us. There were no tears shed over having to work together on this project. And we all felt great (well maybe I was a wee bit sore) having done this for our community!

Jack was pretty excited to be able to use this tool to suck up some of the leaves in certain areas and then bring them over to the piles we were forming for the city to come and pick up on Monday. There was quite a feeling of accomplishment on this day. And Chad and I were both so proud of our kids for helping learn this valuable life lesson of giving back to where you live....

Monday, October 15, 2012

What October is half over???

WOW! How can it be possible that we are already 1/2 way thru October? The kids have already completed their 1st month of school. Halloween is just around the corner. On Friday night our school PTO put the 2nd annual Fall Festival. It was so much fun. The kids got to dress up in their costumes. There was a "pumpkin patch" in front of the school so the kids got to grab pumpkins and then decorate them with all kinds of goodies. It was a lot of fun. This picture is of the girls and I at the event. I am on PTO so I was dressed up as well snapping pictures of the events. I love an occasion when I can pull out my poodle skirt and saddle shoes!

School is going great for the kids! They all have amazing teachers and they are learning sooo much already. We look forward to all that they will be experiencing with school as the year goes on!

The girls are also really enjoying irish dance still. Meg started learning hard shoe steps last month and she is in absolute heaven! It has really re-energized her dancing learning something so new! She even has a special dance workspace in the basement that has mirrors and hardwood flooring to practice on. She is going to be doing the Pat Roche Feis this weekend in Chicago. This was the 1st feis she did just 1 year ago. It is amazing to see how she has improved since then. We are so happy to see her so excited to be dancing and wanting to practice every minute she can.

Jack is knee deep in cub scouts stuff! He is working on badges and special belt loops. It is fun to see his passion for this. I am so glad we encouraged him to join cub scouts! And Chad is now the Den Master (I am sure the name is different and he will correct me on this). It is fun to see them work on all of the activities together. Good father son time together. :)

Hope all of our friends and families are enjoying the fall. Before we know it there will be snow on the ground..... :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Feising weekend

This past weekend I took Meggan and her friend Katie and Katie's mom down to Chicago for a feis. For those not familiar with the Irish Dance World a feis is an irish dance competition. Meg has competed in 4 feis' so far and just started competing less than a year ago. I still remember that first feis at Pat Roche last October. We were soo nervous on whether she would be okay getting on the stage and dancing her little heart out. She surprised us all that day and each day forward. Meggan is usually pretty quiet leading up to her feis and I think it is that she gets nervous. But, then she gets on that stage and she turns on her game face.

We are proud of her for having the courage to do it! This weekend she got to compete at a new level because she has been doing this for some time. So, that brought more nerves with it. But, she and Katie both did awesome!! They had the best smiles out there given there was a lot of sitting around waiting on judges and musicians. Her cousins and Uncle Scott even came to cheer her on which was a really nice surprise!

Meg received a 4th place for her jig and 6th place for her Reel. She was super happy and we were so excited for her! She got a cute picture from her brother and sister giving her a big thumbs up which she loved. 
And the girls ended the day getting to pick out Feis tie dye tshirts. In our house it is a little tradition that we get a tie dye shirt for all of Meg's hard work leading up to the feis. This time she and Katie got matching shirts with a little bit of bling on them. All in all, we had a fantastic weekend!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

High Ho High Ho it's off to school we go....

Yesterday the kids started back to school. It is hard to believe that Jack is in 3rd grade, Meggan is in 2nd grade and Ally started kindergarten! The 1st day went great aside from how hot it was at school. 

Last week we went to Meet the Teacher day at our school. Meggan's teacher gave us a special note that she couldn't open until Monday night. So, there was a lot of anticipation waiting for Monday. When she opened the note it was a poem about sweet dreams for the 1st day of school. And there was a bag of confetti. The poem explained that if you sprinkled the confetti under your pillow you would have sweet dreams. So, of course we had to do that! And Meg being the kind sister she is split up the confetti so Jack and Ally would have some too. 
And then when Meg was at school yesterday her teacher gave them a bag of goldfish crackers which a note that said "You're O-Fish-ally a 2nd grader!" How cute is that!
Meg said her favorite part of school was meeting her classmates and just being at school in a new class. :)

Jack was excited to see his classmates and get back in the groove of school. He has a young spunky teacher who seems very cool for a 3rd grade classroom. When we went to school yesterday Jack immediately started helping her get the windows open in their classroom. He said his favorite part of the day was the getting to know you game that they played outside. And they got to eat lunch outside too!

Ally was very excited to be starting school as well. Her biggest excitement about school since meeting her teacher at Meet the Teacher day was learning to read. So, yesterday that was all she talked about. I told her to go easy on her teacher because she would not be learning to read the 1st day. But, let me tell you that has a lit a fire under her to learn all of her ABCs. She knows most of them, but there is a chunk of letters she has trouble identifying. Needless to say we are spending time every day working on it. Her favorite part of the day was... drum roll please... meeting her new friends. I know shocker for our shy Ally. HAHA
Of course it wouldn't be a funny send off if Mom and Dad did not take funny pictures with the kids. Ally was not at all amused by my happy dance. But, we thought it was kind of funny. We love our kids and know that this year is going to be an amazing one for all 3 of them!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April comes and goes

Oh where has the time gone. I feel like I say that alot these days. Many nights I spend just thinking where did my day go? It is almost like a blur. I would love to freeze time and just relax and enjoy all that is around me, but it seems we are on a constant roller coaster of non-stop ups and downs. Where do I begin? In December, Meg started having some issues where she was throwing up in her sleep, having horrible headaches, blurred vision and some emotional mood swings. We went thru 2 months of her throwing up multiple times a week in her bed, on the couch or wherever she was asleep. We kept being told it was the flu, and then it was acid reflux. My stubbornness and unwillingness to just take that as the culprit lead Meg to have to have a CT scan, MRI, blood tests and an EEG. Everything was normal except the EEG. In a 45 minute period Meggan had a few bursts of seizures. We waited several days before I contacted our doctor to find out what the results were and I was stunned when the pediatrician told me it was seizures. I did not understand how that would just all of a sudden start happening. Needless to say we had to get in to see a neurologist as soon as possible to determine how severe her case was. For Meg she is not having epileptic seizures, but the throwing up, mood swings, headaches and vision problems were the way her seizures come out. What is happening for her is that she has these 5 second seizures and her brain doesn't know how to recover from it.

Thankfully we have an amazing doctor who was able to come up with a treatment plan for Meggan and we are hoping that Meg is in the 60% of kids who have this time of seizure disorder who end up being okay and never turning to epilepsy. But, still the worrier in my wonders what if? And I worry so much about her these days. She has been on her medication for a month now and you can see a change in her personality where she seems more withdrawn and tired all the time. Breaks my heart because it is not like her. She is now struggling at school with her morning teacher who for whatever reason can't practice patience with Meggan and can't give her benefit of the doubt. There are so many things that we are now having to familiarize ourselves with that we have never had to think of in the past with Meg.

We can only hope and pray the medicine will work and Meg will adjust to the meds and come back to being the smiley girl all the time. The one who loved going to school rather than crying about going to school.
We pray that we are able to figure out what her triggers are for the seizures.
We pray that her teacher backs off and let's her be without us having to intervene anymore than we already have.
We pray that with May's arrival will come happier times not overcast by this disorder.
We pray for Meg's peace and happiness...

Friday, February 10, 2012

Let's Dance

Tonight Chad is taking the girls to their 1st of many Father Daughter dances. And how can you not take the chance when they are all dressed up to take some pics??? I couldn't resist and since my studio is all setup away we went for an impromptu photo shoot. :) And of course the girls were very willing to once again model for their mom the photographer. I thank god that my children don't mind getting their picture taken. I don't know what I would do if it were a big deal. ;)

The girls were very excited as I got them all ready. Ally wanted curly hair like Meg's. So we sat and curled it. While all Meg needed was some mouse in her hair and pretty little sparkly hair clip. They were even excited when I pulled out the hairspray. LOL

Meg wore a ring that was my grandma Alice's. It was a piece of her costume jewelry that we were lucky enough to be given. The girls actually fight over this flower ring all the time. I love that it means so much to them and that Meg insisted on wearing it for pictures and to the dance tonight. So, sweet....

I think they will have a great time with Chad tonight. And there will be so many memories made while dancing.

Cheers to many more dances....

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Final Vows...

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to get to go to Los Angeles and spend time with my brother, Jim, my parents, my aunt Eileen, Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Stan and my GREAT Aunt Denny. We all gathered to celebrate Jim's final vows for the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). Over the past 18 years I have gotten to watch as my brother transform into one of the most amazing priests I have ever met. I am truly blessed that he is my brother, friend, shoulder to cry on and at times spiritual advisor for myself and my family.

It was an awesome weekend of activities that included Disneyland on Friday for Jim and I. On Saturday we all went to the Cathedral in Los Angeles which was amazingly beautiful. We also go to see UCLA and the LMU campuses. Sunday were the vows and lots of festivities because that is how the Jesuits roll. :) We met so many great Jesuits and friends of Jim throughout the weekend. All in all it was a great trip and I am so glad I was able to be a part of his final vows.

Monday, January 9, 2012

January - Oh My!

As I sit here looking out my window I can't believe that we are already in January. And sadly we have no snow on the ground. It is looking and feeling more like November or March kind of weather. So, strange. It scares me of what we are going to be hit with and is also disappointing that we have not been able to sled, make snowmen, have snowball fights and just enjoy all the things that snow has to offer. I know in years past I have complained about the amount of snow we get, but in reality I would rather snow than none at this time of year. Now we did get a tiny bit of snow right before christmas, so that was nice, but I WANT MORE. :)

The below picture was taken at this time of year last year. Daisy was down in the snow in our backyard. I tell you that dog really misses the snow. She loves playing in it. So, we will see what comes our way. Hopefully, we get a little something!
Hope everyone is having a great start to the New Year!!