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The Pontow Family Blog

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Let her shine....

On Saturday, Meggan danced in her first feis the Pat Roche Feis in Rosemont, IL. We drove down on Friday to my parents house in Mt. Prospect and took Meggan to the pre-feis workshop that the Trinity Irish Dancers put on. It was an amazing experience for Meg. The workshop was exactly what she needed to help alleviate her nerves of what exactly was going to happen at the feis. We told her all she needed to do was keep smiling because her smile could light up a city!

So Saturday morning we got up bright and early (I don't know if all of us were really bright at that time) and headed off to the feis. The nice thing about the feis world is that they have a special competition that is for 1st time "feisers". They give out medals to everyone in that category. But, what we did not know was that the adjudicator (judge) actually picks 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. So, Meg was done dancing her Jig and Reel around 9am. We then had to wait until 10:30 for the results.

So, Meg got 3rd place in her Reel and then 1st place in her Jig. The excitement she had when she realized she was getting medals for her place and got to stand on a podium was pretty exciting! Of course given this was her 1st feis we had to go and get the lanyard for her to put her medals on so she could wear them around. She would not take them off. In fact this morning she got up and went right for her medals.

What an amazing experience this was for Meggan. Her smile was priceless as she danced. Her bow to the judge and the musician was precious too. She kept practicing how she bowed to them. So sweet. So, it looks like we will be joining the world of feising. We are so proud of Meg and all the nerves and fear she overcame to do the feis! No matter what place she would have gotten she will always be a winner in our eyes!!

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