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The Pontow Family Blog

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tornado Ally turns 4!!

On Tuesday, Ally turned 4. It was a very exciting day as she woke up and realized it was her birthday. She sang to herself throughout the day as I am sure many 4 year old may do. She brought cupcakes to school with princesses on top of them. It was all very exciting. She continually announced to everyone that it was her birthday and even tried to guilt a few family members (Nama, Papa, Stef, Jimmy, Molly and Erin) into coming to see her on her birthday.

The night ended with a trip to the local restaurant for some ice cream. This Saturday we will have a birthday cake and little party with Chad's family and my parents. It should be a nice gathering to close out the birthday season. It has been quite a year with Ally. We are hoping her 4th year of life will be fabulous and that it brings a new personality that is a bit "quieter". We love the humor she brings to the family and know that will never leave her little body. :)

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