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The Pontow Family Blog

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Disney bound....

Last August after our annual family vacation we decided that this year would be the year to go to Disney. We think Ally is at a good age to really get something out of the magical experience. And we know that Jack and Meg were surely ready! And so the planning began. Literally we have been planning this trip for a year and the time is finally upon us. People that know me know I am a planner. So, for me planning the trip for this long is kind of who I am. But, in reality we could have waited a little while. But, we did want to include my parents on the trip because they have been so awesome with us and our kids that we wanted them to be able to experience it with the kids just as we are. And so we planned well in advance to not get in the way with any of their many travel plans. :)

And here I sit. 2 kids already in Florida for 1/2 week already with their Nama, Papa and Aunt Denny. They are having a blast from what we are hearing. Then there is poor Ally I think she may be the most excited because for weeks now she has been saying "Today we go to Disney World?". God bless her little heart. And everyday since Jack and Meg have been gone she has said "I have no one to play with." She has had neighbor friends and babysitters galore treating her like a little princess and giving her their undivided attention. But, I understand she misses her brother and sister as does her mom and dad. I think though this 1 on 1 time has been good for Ally (maybe not mom all the time, but for her nonetheless). We have eaten out a lot and done a lot of running around that I dread doing with 3 kids. She has gotten to sleep with Sox every night which she has loved. And will probably be shocked when everyone is back home to have to share him with Jack and Meg. She helped me make the bracelets that the kids will where when we are at the parks that have my cell phone # listed on them. This way if anyone gets lost they can ask someone to call my #. I can't take credit for this idea. I got it out of the Disney Family Fun magazine.

So, what do I hope to get out of this vacation? So much.
I want to experience Disney World thru the eyes of my kids.
I will watch their faces as they meet princesses and so many more characters that they have watched on TV for so long.
I want to be a kid the whole time I am vacation and forget about the worries of home and work!
I want to enjoy time to read...
I look forward to watching my kids be fishes and swim whenever they want
I look forward to just being with my family....

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