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The Pontow Family Blog

Friday, May 21, 2010

Soccer Heaven...

We have a lot of soccer on our minds in the Pontow house. That is when we are not thinking about Irish Dance or Baseball. Jack and Meg are busy busy busy with their outdoor leagues. I really like the league we are doing this thru this year. They both have been playing soccer since they were 3 years old. Jack has been kicking a soccer ball since he started walking. Amazing to me how a year old could do that. But, then I thought of the fact that he has the genes from Chad, as well as, my grandpa Jim who came from Scotland to play soccer in Chicago. I see a real future for Jack in this sport and he absolutely loves playing it!
We were not sure if Meg really was into Soccer or if she was doing it because her big brother was doing it. But, I have to say Meg is becoming quite the soccer player. I think she may even play a little rougher than Jack does. She has such a determined look on her face when she is chasing down an opponent or dribbling the ball it is a blast to watch.

I guess one could say I have officially become a Soccer mom....

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