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The Pontow Family Blog

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Always good times in Madison...

This weekend we went to visit Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Stan in Madison, WI. It is alway an adventure when we take our trips there. We are very open to doing whatever festival, show, etc. that Kathleen has found. Over the years we have gone to see the Circus, Alpaca show, Kites on Ice Festival, Snow Festival, Dog shows and the list goes on.

This year we decided to check out the Winter Festival that was being talked about. We were going to do the circus too, but unfortunately we couldn't because Meg had Irish Dance lessons today that we had to be home for. At the winter festival we (Stan, Chad and Ally excluded) tried out snowshoes. That was definitely something different. And then while in the snowshoes we used Hula Hoops. There are 2 things that you would never expect to do together. HA! The kids and I also got to go tubing down a man made snow hill. What was cool about the day was that it was snowing throughout the day. It was a nice pretty snow that did not bug us one bit. We also go to make some snowballs and throw them at Uncle Stan. :)

Our weekends with Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Stan are always so much fun and relaxing. And of course it wouldn't be a weekend there without the girls trying on Aunt Kathleen's wedding dress. And then Uncle Stan's Russian hat. Too funny.

To see more pictures from our weekend click here.

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