The Pontow Family Blog

The Pontow Family Blog

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Once again our amazing photographer pulls thru with incredible shots of Jack and Ally. Yes, I am anal with getting the kids pictures done, but you know what my kids are worth it! :)

Jenny really knows how to capture them too. These pictures were just done today and she sent me a few to get a feeling for how they look. INCREDIBLE!!! I know they are my kids, so of course I think they are great, but seriously tell me they are not cute. HA! And she even took some pics of Meg in this adorable hat! Hats off to you Jenny Tabbert. You are an amazing artist.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Always good times in Madison...

This weekend we went to visit Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Stan in Madison, WI. It is alway an adventure when we take our trips there. We are very open to doing whatever festival, show, etc. that Kathleen has found. Over the years we have gone to see the Circus, Alpaca show, Kites on Ice Festival, Snow Festival, Dog shows and the list goes on.

This year we decided to check out the Winter Festival that was being talked about. We were going to do the circus too, but unfortunately we couldn't because Meg had Irish Dance lessons today that we had to be home for. At the winter festival we (Stan, Chad and Ally excluded) tried out snowshoes. That was definitely something different. And then while in the snowshoes we used Hula Hoops. There are 2 things that you would never expect to do together. HA! The kids and I also got to go tubing down a man made snow hill. What was cool about the day was that it was snowing throughout the day. It was a nice pretty snow that did not bug us one bit. We also go to make some snowballs and throw them at Uncle Stan. :)

Our weekends with Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Stan are always so much fun and relaxing. And of course it wouldn't be a weekend there without the girls trying on Aunt Kathleen's wedding dress. And then Uncle Stan's Russian hat. Too funny.

To see more pictures from our weekend click here.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh Ally...

WOW! What can I say. This is what Ally picked out to wear today. Really? Not sure where she is getting her dressing sense from, but she sure had her Dad and I laughing this morning. Of course she agreed that she would not wear this out in public since A) IT IS COLD OUTSIDE!! and B) People would probably think I am crazy letting my kid dress like this. But, I am thankful she wants to dress herself and be independent like this. :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

All about Jack

It is hard for us to believe that sweet Jack, our first born, our only boy, the big brother and by far the best snuggler is 6 today. Where has the time gone? It truly feels like just yesterday when my water broke and I called my mom at 4am to say "Uh I think I am in labor." We are so proud of who he is growing up to be and how much he takes care of his sisters. Especially Ally whether she likes it or not. Here are just a few of my favorite memories with him:

- The way he uses his long lashes to give you butterfly kisses.
- How he says he will always take care of his mom even when she is old.
- How protective he is of his sister and making sure they don't get hurt, yet then turning around and wrestling them to the ground.
- How from day 1 he has always been a snuggle bug.
- How much he loves being Sox's "owner"
- Last Christmas when he snuck downstairs and opened up quite a few christmas gifts that were not his. But they were the biggest presents he saw.
- The excitement in his face when he has mastered something new from school.
- The thrill of making goals and hitting a baseball over and over again.
- When he is laying in bed and he says in the sweetest sadest voice "I miss Nama!"
- All the balloons from his own birthdays that he has wanted to send to Auntie Meggan and GG in heaven.
- The freckles, oh the freckles I love them to death! And how he laughs when I say I am going to scrub the freckles off of his face.
- His excitement in seeing Obama's house this past summer
- His anticipation and questions of what it will be like to go to Disney World this summer
- His excitement at making his sister a valentine's card this year made out of hearts he made all on his own.

We look forward to the many more years of birthday seasons and we are so glad you were born. You are a shining star in our eyes and will always be! Love ya bud!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Well I realized it has been quite some time since I had posted anything for everyone. Has been a busy couple months and will be getting much busier in the month of March. Meggan started Irish Dance lessons back in August and as you can imagine St. Patrick Day is a busy time for Trinity Irish Dancers. So, Meg will be performing possibly the 2 weekends prior to St. Patrick Day and then on St. Patrick Day as well. I really can't wait. And it is possible that down in Chicago their will be a picture of Meggan and I in a local newspaper or something. I was contacted by Trinity because of the fact that I took Irish Dance from the founder Mark Howard. And now that my daughter is in it they wanted to get a pic of Meg in her costume with me next to her. I so hope it works out and am so glad she is a part of the Trinity family!!

In other breaking news (HAHA) Ally has taken quite a bit to getting herself dressed. Today she picked out this outfit and for the record we have snow on the ground, so not sure where she was thinking she could wear this outfit. Maybe she wishes she were somewhere warm with Nama and Papa. Yeah right! I don't know but she definitely gets her dressing style from her 3 great aunts!! God knows she doesn't get it from me! :)