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The Pontow Family Blog

Monday, October 5, 2009

Painting Pumpkinpalooza

Every year we get the kids little pumpkins and let them go crazy with painting them. Today was the painting fiesta at our house. I am not a big fan of the paint supplies being pulled out when Ally is involved. It is like a free for all with her. You never know what's going to get painted. Usually it is not the object that is supposed to be painted. :) So, as you can see she did not have much interest in painting her pumpkin, but enjoyed painting paper, her hands and the chair she was sitting in. This is also why I make them take their shirts off and for Ally everything but the diaper. It is funny because Ally really does not like the finger paints, so every couple minutes she was wanting her hands cleaned. Good times!

Jack and Meg on the other hand could paint for hours if I let them. They got every inch of their pumpkin painted. And then moved on to painting paper. They really love it!

They had a great time with their latest little project. We still need to get their gems that they found at the Quarry Quest glued onto a picture frame. But, we will have to save that for another day. :)

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