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The Pontow Family Blog

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Meggan!!

Sweet Meggan has turned 4. And it has been quite a couple days of parties and gifts for her. On Sunday we had a party with Chad's family and Nama and Papa, as well as, our surprise visitor.... UNCLE JIM!!!!!!! YEAHH!!! That was quite exciting for the kids. The kids have missed him a great deal, so it was great to get to see him and now they will get to see him again this next weekend when we are down closing out the birthday season for the Pontow kids with a party with my family. So, sad to see the birthday season end for them.
Anyway, Meg got a lot of great gifts. Some VERY cool Crayola window crayons from our neighbor Elle, clothes for her bitty baby from our neighbor John, clothes from all of the family, a PINK Razor scooter, lots of art supplies for her projects (watch your mailboxes!!!) and a very cool beauty table that talks to her and has a mirror for her to do her hair and makeup. So cute! Jack and Ally have thoroughly enjoyed that as well!

The other favorite item has got to be the window crayons. You gotta love Crayola they make the greatest stuff!!We have faces on just about every window. I love it!!! Thanks Edwards Family for that!! Chad thinks the window crayons should be left to only be used on the sliding back door. I am more let them do it on any of the windows, because in reality who has to clean it up? ME!!!! So have at it kids! Be creative

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