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The Pontow Family Blog

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

She oughta be in pictures...

Yesterday I took Ally for her 2 year pictures. Now that we have gotten our feet wet with the Appleton area I found a GREAT photographer up here. Aaron and Melissa have a friend that does photography, so we gave her a shot with our spitfire. God bless her because Ally was at times not too cooperative.

Her name is Jennifer Tabbert. Click here to see her website. She is a mom who does this for fun. And what a great job she does. She sent me a few pics of Ally to show me what she was able to get. I can't believe it because they are just awesome! I can't wait to see the rest of them.

We had a lot of clothing changes which I loved that she did not mind that. I always try to bring a few different outfits. And then she had these AWESOME tutu's that Ally was excited about wearing. Until it was time to take pictures in them.

Ally is definitely the clown in the family. I think they all have a little bit of it, but as Jenny said it looks like she takes after her Uncle Aaron. OH BOY!!! So, I will have to talk to Jean about what to do about that! Of course that was at the beginning of the shoot. Then she got a little shy and wasn't sure about anymore pics. But, we got thru it. I did not think it was going to go well because she was screaming when I got her dressed in the t-shirt and jeans outfit. She did not want to wear that. God help me! Then she calmed down and got upset again when we dropped Jack and Meg off with Aunt Stacy. Luckily we had a 10 minute drive so she worked thru it.

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Rusty's music of the heart said...

that's our Ally....she won't be a little wallflower fading into the woodwork...come to think of it, none of them will be!
xxoo Mom