The Pontow Family Blog

The Pontow Family Blog

Friday, February 20, 2009

Patrick Scott McDermott is born.

On 2/18 my brother and his wife welcomed their 4th child into this world. His name is Patrick Scott McDermott. He was 5 weeks early, but is doing really well. He weighed 6 lbs. 9 oz. and was 20 inches long. He has quite a set of cheeks and there are thoughts that he may actually be a redhead. Welcome little guy!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The old sniperoo...

It is not what you think. We already took care of that! HA! So, today Meggan and I decided it was time for a change with her hair. So, what do you think?? She absolutely loves it! It is soo different from what she had. And I almost think it looks more red!

Congrats to Stef and Mike!!

Well my cousin Mike is finally taking the plunge with his wonderful girlfriend, Stef. On 2/15 Mike proposed to Stef in Lake Geneva. I am soooo excited for the wedding! Welcome to the family Stef! You will be a great addition!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Good Times!

So, this weekend we had Mike and Stef up to cheesehead land. We had an awesome time with them and are so glad they were able to visit!!! On Friday night we went to a Supper Club and had some very yummy steaks and seafood. It was Stef's first experience with a Supper Club and I have to say one of the best ones I have ever been too.

Then on Saturday night we had the neighbors over for a little Valentine's Day party. We had a good time as usual. Because it is next to impossible to not have fun with these folks!!! Mike and Stef fit in really well with all of them. At one point Nate and Mike started a little dance off. It was quite hilarious!!!

Such a great group to be hanging out with on Valentine's day!! We will all be living so much longer after all the laughing we did on Saturday!!! Love to all of our friends and families and hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Great Hats!!

Today in the mail the kids got great hats from Uncle Jim. The kids wanted to put them on right away and so I had to capture pictures of them. Thanks Uncle Jim!!!!


Finger Paint and Belly Buttons don't go together!

For Jack's birthday he got finger paints from Nama/Papa. So, this morning he and Ally had an artsy morning. They first started out playing with the Modeling clay that he got and then decided to switch to painting. Normally I am not a big fan of this stuff, but I told myself to let go and let them be. :)

I should have listened to myself. HA They were painting on paper for Valentine's for family and teachers. Then decided to take it to another level and do hand prints on themselves. Of course I did not get the worst of it in my pictures, but Ally had royal blue paint in her belly button. Yep, that's right. So, then because she did it Jack decided to put some of the BROWN paint in his. So, his belly button looks like it is dirty and we don't wash him. Whereas Ally's looks blue. Beautiful!

But, boy did they have a ball doing it and that is what matters! Ally had never finger painted or painted period prior to today. Could you imagine with how crazy she is how that would end up. Well, now I know. It is a good thing I took all of her clothes off and had her in a diaper only. Jack took his shirt of so he wouldn't get dirty before school.

So, thanks Mom for that great gift! I am sure it will bring hours of happiness to the kids! And then quite a mess for me to clean up. But, I am letting that go. Let the kids be kids is what is most important!!! And as you can see from this pic of Ally she was quite happy getting to be so carefree!!

All about Meggan....

Well last week Meggan received some homework for school. She had to fill out a poster that is All about Me. So, we put pictures of Meggan and her family. Then she had to tell what her favorite foods are, Favorite song, what makes her happy and Favorite Color. So,we spent time yesterday cutting out pictures in magazines for the foods she likes and what makes her happy. So, this is the end result.

Then they received a cut-out of a kid and they had to decorate it to look like themselves. Oh boy is all I can say!! I did the cutting for Meg and then she placed everything where she wanted it and we glued and taped it all together. She has such a great self image of herself! And quite the taste for how she dressed herself. She would have done more ribbons all over had I let her, but it was time to be done. :)

And here she is with her final product that she is so proud of! We are so proud of her and her VERY creative ways....

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jack Turns 5!!!

Well my sweet boy, Jack, turned 5 on Friday. He had a wonderful day at school and then had Nama, Papa and the Pontow/Hietpas/Backes families over for Pizza and cake. We had a great time hanging out. Take a look at the pics to the right from the night of fun. Thanks to all of the family for Jack's great gifts and for coming over. It made him feel very special and he loves you all!!