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The Pontow Family Blog

Sunday, January 4, 2009

You want some cake....

Meggan got an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas from Nama and she has been waiting anxiously for the day that I would say okay let's get her goin'. Initially we were going to bake brownies for Nama and Papa and mail them to them, but we decided maybe they would not survive the trip thru the Post Office. Nothing against the Post Office, but brownies are fragile. :)

So, I was getting a nice dinner ready and she decided we needed to have cake with dinner, so I let her bake something. Originally we were just going to do one cake, but Jack wanted to make something too. So, we did a 2 layer cake. Of course we had to use the pink frosting that came with it and the flower confetti. How lovely!

Meggan says he is going to make a brownie for Jack on his birthday, but Jack has already said he does not want that for his birthday cake. Oh how she wants to please him. So, the end result of the cake is interesting. A bit dry, but we will continue to try and master the Easy Bake Oven cake. :)

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