The Pontow Family Blog

The Pontow Family Blog

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Naughty Step Visit

So this afternoon the girls dumped a cup of water while eating lunch. I had warned them about this and that the cup was going to fall and they just laughed at me and said "No.". So, then sure enough they were messing around and it spilled, so I put them on the Naughty Step. So, I am sure you are saying to yourself why would you take a picture of them on the step. I had to because they found it so funny to be sitting there together. It was a Kodak moment.

We have just started introducing Ally to this process of being warned and then Naughty step if they don't listen to the warning. Yeah, it is not going so well. She gets up and walks around every single time. I have to say it is much funnier watching Chad try to get her stay on this step.

And then there is sweet Jack. Just staying in his seat eating his dinner. And playing the Naughty Step Police for us. Announcing anytime the girls left the step. What a great boy! HA

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