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The Pontow Family Blog

Monday, December 1, 2008

O Gingerbread Tree!

My mom has a tradition that she started with her grandchildren many years ago. She goes out and gets a gingerbread house and then has each of the grandkids over to decorate them. She has a rule anything goes with the decorating of the houses. .And they put whatever they want on it. It really gives them a chance to show their true colors. :) She usually does not have the siblings do it together, because they tend to do what each other is doing. So, they end up doing it with their cousins. But, since we were in this weekend and won't be back until the 23rd we decided to have them do it this weekend

So, she looked for gingerbread houses and could not find them anywhere. She searched with them and couldn't find ones put together. Must be the economy and poor market as my neighbor, Nikki, said. :) I was able to find gingerbread trees instead. So, on Sunday morning I put the trees together so they could decorate them before our drive home.

Before Nama got home from church we put all the decoration items in bowls so they could see everything they had to work with. The kids were very excited and could not wait for Nama to get home. Ally was mad because I did not get one for her. But, she is so wild that she would have made more of a mess than Jack and Meggan did. And they made quite the mess. Jack's hands were green from the frosting. They definitely made their own creations! Lots of sprinkles, marshmallows, raisins, M&Ms, coconut and frosting!

We used green frosting since it was trees we were decorating. They did a great job. They even put some puppy droppings (made out of raisins) by the tree to symbolize Maverick's potty training. Ahh yes... How funny! I think they covered every possible square inch on the cardboard. They even put frosting on the cardboard and then sprinkled coconut on that for the grass with snow on it. So, cute!

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