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The Pontow Family Blog

Monday, November 24, 2008

Where did it come from??

This morning I woke up to SNOW! Yes, maybe to the WI folks this is nothing, but for an IL girl in November this is a shock. So, I got up and shoveled a good portion of it and left a little gift for Chad to finish it off. Of course, I would have used the snow blower if it had been in a place where I could get it out. But, Chad had it tucked away (probably not anticipating this snow). A lot of things make sense now. I had been seeing everyone had their snow blowers out and ready, shovels by lots of store doors and salt containers everywhere. I thought WOW they really get ready for the snow early. That is great. DUH!

The kids were a little cranky this morning, but then I told them to look out the window and see what had arrived. Jack was by far the most excited. He went around to the different bedrooms opening the shades to look. That was probably the quickest he has ever gotten up and ready. I went off to physical therapy and I came home to our friends, The Vosters, kids playing with Jack and Meggan in the backyard. Let the fun begin!!!!

Ally was not so sure. She never really played in the snow last year because she couldn't walk so it was hard to have to put her out in it. She kind of reminded me of the kid bundled up in the snowsuit of A Christmas Story. You all know the kid I am talking about. Don't you think she looks like that? I did see her picking up snow and eating it, so she gets that part of it. Now we just have to teach her to stay away from the yellow snow. YUCK!!

Now Maverick oh boy did he love it. He was crazy outside. So, I guess my folks have that to look forward to. He did not want to come inside either. So, that will be fun for them. LOL

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