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The Pontow Family Blog

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Welcome Maverick!!!

Yesterday we picked up my parents new puppy from the breeder where we got Sox from. He is sooo sweet. We took a bunch of pictures of him last night. We are going to have him for a couple weeks while they are gone on vacation. How dare they.... :)

He was born on 9/12/08 and is 9 1/2 weeks old. My dad named him Maverick because he thinks that is funny. He is a democrat for those that don't know. :) Meggan has given him a secret name of Ariel Tinkerbell. And she is really calling the puppy these names. But it is a secret so don't tell. :)

He slept in his kennel last night and did really well. He growled at me this morning when I woke him up to take him outside. So, that should be good for them. He is playing with an Old Chuckie doll and Bride of Chuckie doll that my brother, Jim, gave us for our wedding. So, looks like he will be taking those with him to Nama and Papa's house.

His personality is so sweet. He loves to cuddle and he loves to chew on anything and everything, including toes. He is getting to know Sox and we are not sure if Sox likes him at this point. He was pretty depressed last night as you can see in this picture.

We know that Sox will come around and take him under his paw and show him the ropes. Maverick was chasing Sox outside this morning which was quite funny to watch. Sox did not know what to do. This is how Sox was with Eddy when he came home.

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