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Monday, October 20, 2008

Have you ever been Ghosted or Booed??

Okay so some of you down there in the big city will probably think I live in some small town now. But, I just have to share this story because I think it is so funny what our neighborhood does at Halloween. So, one day I am talking to my neighbor and she asks me I ever been "Booed". I was like No what the heck is this now? There is a lot of stuff I am learning up here. Apparently being "Booed" or "Ghosted" (depending on the person you are talking to they call it different names) what happens is someone in the neighborhood starts the process by putting a container of goodies, a picture of a ghost and a poem at your front door. Then this "Phantom Ghost" rings your doorbell and takes off. So, you have no idea who it is. So, here is the poem that comes with the package:

The Phantom Ghost has come to town
To leave goodies you have found.
If you do not wish a curse to fall
You must continue this Phantom call.

First post this Phantom where it can be seen
And leave it there till Halloween.
This will scare other visiting Phantoms away.
Be sure to participate don’t delay.

Second make a treat
A Phantom and
A note like this.

Deliver it to a neighbor that might have been missed.
Don’t let them see you be sneaky no doubt…
(And make sure they put their Phantom Ghost out!)***

Next you will have only one day to act so be quick!
Leave it at the door where the Phantom has not hit!
Deliver it at dark when there is no light…
Ring the doorbell and run and stay out of sight!!!

And last but not least enjoy the season.
Don’t worry be happy for all the right reasons.
Be cool have fun and remember don’t be seen!!

So, after my neighbor told me about we interestingly enough got hit that night. Thank god she told me about it or I would have been like what is going on. Chad believes it was a child that delivered the package because there were footmarks on our cement and they were for a small feet. Yes like a scene out of Law & Order (Jim, this DUN DUN is for you :) )

Anyway, so then it was our turn to pick someone. So, we had to figure out who to hit that had not been hit. Well, we walked around the neighborhood and determined we were the 1st to be hit. We had free range to hit anyone. The kids gave their votes of who they wanted to hit, but the problem was they told all the kids they play with what had happened, so everyone knew we had been hit!

So, it got dark out and we decided it was time. Chad decided initially he was going to dress in all black. That way no one would see him. Then he decided No he was going to wear his Halloween costume for trick or treating to deliver the package. Yes I say this because he has a costume for when we go trick or treating and then he has his costume for the Halloween party we are going to in our neighborhood the next night. I think this is his favorite holiday in all seriousness. The costume is Master Sergeant from the game Halo. I know you are saying Who? What? EXACTLY!!! I a married to a sci-fi freak. But, I love him!!

So, here is the picture of him in the costume. I know this is for real. Ally was scared to death of him and Sox just sat there barking at him. He goes out the back door and the kids and I take off for our bathroom. Because from there we could see the front door of the neighbor we were delivering the package to. All of sudden we notice that out of the right one of our neighbors is coming around the corner (heading toward Chad) with his sons. All I keep thinking is Crap they are going to bust him, chase him or freak out because it is dark and let's be honest he looked scary!

He gets the package to the house, rings the doorbell and takes off down the street so as not to make it seem like he is coming to our house. Now for those of you that don't know we have a State Trooper that lives at the end of our block. Yeah so could you imagine what could have happened? So, the neighbor walking with his kids sees "Master Sergeant" and it seemed they were so shocked. Dane who is the neighbor we hit comes outside and is looking all over the place. Jack, Meggan, Ally and I are laughing and screaming in our bathroom. They were SO EXCITED! The kids who saw Chad go running over to Dane's house and points in the direction where Chad went and where he came from.

All I can say is it will make for a great laugh at the Halloween party on 11/1. Now one thing that can happen (AND DID HAPPEN) is you get hit multiple times. Even though you have a ghost in your window. That happened the other day and threw us off a bit. But, it is a fun game that is played.

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