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The Pontow Family Blog

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Boo'd again...

I can't believe I am even having to say this. Here I was sitting updating the blog with the pumpkin stuff and we got Boo'd again. I am starting to think this is a practical joke on the new people on the block! So, this is now count them the 3rd time we have gotten hit. And I have all of my ghost hanging in the window as the instructions say. Oh boy! So, now we have to hit 2 neighbors because these instructions say to hit 2 neighbors. I tell you this is quite the fun neighborhood but I am starting to wonder if they are a bunch of practical joksters too. LOL :)

Jack-O-Lantern Time

Tonight we spent carving our Jack-O-Lanterns. Jack and Meggan are at a fun age for this because they were able to draw what they wanted their faces to look like and we carved them exactly how they drew them. Of course we did have them help us with the scooping out of the "meat" and seeds.
We then took the seeds and cooked them in the oven. It is very easy to do. If you have never done this here is a simple recipe.

Lay the seeds in a pan lined with tin foil. Spray with cooking spray and salt (or garlic salt). Cook them at 250 degrees for 1 hour. Every 15 minutes you are supposed to move them around. See how easy that is!!

So, then we put the pumpkins at our front door to ward off any Phantom Ghosts. We put candles in them and Jack was very concerned about this. He was afraid that the pumpkins would start on fire and then the house would catch on the fire. So, he kept saying to me when we put him to bed please blow out the candles in the pumpkins. Last week was Fire Safety week at school, so I think that made him think of this stuff.

It was also funny because they wanted to have the backs of the pumpkins carved too. We tried to explain that you only carve the front so the candle does not blow out. But, they just starred at us.

It is Meggan...

So, I got emails that it looks like Meggan and it is. But, I have to tell you when I look at Ally right now next to this picture it really looks a lot like Ally. What can I say. :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Who can it be?

So, take a look at this picture and tell me who do you think it is??? Look closely.

Monday, October 27, 2008

How can there be snow?????

Here I sit working away and there are snowflakes falling. It is like 40 degrees outside. So, not too cold, but there are real snowflakes. Jack is outside catching them in his mouth. Winter can't be here already!!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

There is a dim light at the end of the tunnel...

Well I was down by my parents for the past 2 days. 1st to celebrate my Dad's birthday and 2nd for another recheck of my shoulder. Oy Vey! I know I don't talk about it so you probably figure I must be better by now. Well if only it were that easy. We are at 4 1/2 mos. since my surgery and still recovering. I definitely have a much better range of motion, but the motion behind my back is not where it needs to be. So, my physical therapist thinks they only need to see my every couple weeks at this point for strength. But, my surgeon, Dr. Chams, feels differently. He wants me to continue going 2x a week for another 2 mos. They are pleased with the strength I have overhead, but they want the physical therapist to really get the motion behind my back better. Looks like my surgeon is a perfectionist. LOL Really I appreciate his persistence with this because I was figuring well this is as good as it gets. And let me tell you I know everyone is saying it is my non-dominant arm, but there are a lot of things you can't do when you can't get both arms behind your back. Like try putting on a shirt when you can't get both hands behind your back. Try drying yourself off with a towel and how about putting on a bra. It's the truth. But, he says it will be better.
Of course the bigger concern now is that for the past 7-8 weeks I have been getting tingling in my left hand. He said it could be nerves or my neck. So, if that is not better by Christmas then he will do a nerve test on my hand to see what is causing that. Apparently when the shoulder starts to stretch out it stretches the nerves which can cause this to happen. So, it should go away, but if it doesn't then they will do some tests to check it out. But, if it is all better and my motion is better by 12/23 then I may be getting the best Christmas present ever. To be done with this chapter of my life. :) I can't wait. So, I see a dim light at the very long tunnel I have traveled down. Say some prayers that my tingling in my hand goes away.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How did a simple bath turn into this?

So, a couple weeks ago I was giving the kids a bath. Very innocently I put bath confetti in our whirlpool tub. Now I did not put a lot in, but apparently that was not the case. So, I put it in and went to the girls room to do something. I come back to Ally running around covered head to toe in bubbles. I looked at the tub and there were bubbles EVERYWHERE!!! Jack loves to turn on the jets in the tub and I guess when you do that with this type of stuff in the tub it creates this massive bubble mess. It was the funniest thing you have ever seen and of course we had to take pictures of it because it was so entertaining.

And I will have you know it took a couple days for me to get rid of all of the bubbles. Every time I would put more water in the tub more bubbles would produce. So, word to the wise don't put any type of bath soap, confetti, bubble bath in a whirlpool tub.

Happy Birthday Papa!!!

Today, Wednesday, 10/22/08 is my dad's birthday. So, here are some "classic" dad/Papa faces from the years. We love ya dad! And you know what "We are glad you were born."
So, this is a great picture of my dad and mom from last year's anniversary. We went to Milwaukee because Jim was in town and had dinner. I can't tell you how many shots I have of my dad making this exact face with my mom. Hopefully at Adrina's wedding in a few weeks this face will make an appearance again.

Dad and Sox they make a great pair. They both like to lounge and relax together. Sox knows a good snuggler when he sees one.

Ally loves to be held especially by her Papa. Here they are hanging out at our house in WI.

Great picture of Nama and Papa with the kids at our new house. What a great time we had with them.

And here he is blowing out his candles last year. He looks like an old pro blowing out ALL of those candles!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Amazing Portraits by Carrianne...

Once again we had our family picture done in Cary, IL by our wonderful photographer Carrianne. Check out her website. Here is a link to the pictures she did. Just beautiful! I really don't know how we will pick this year.

Every Girl's a Princess...

At the community college in Appleton they host an annual charity event called "Every Girl's a Princess". We found out about it because there was a postcard for Meggan in her mailbox at school. At first I was like Hmm what is this. Like Meggan needs any more ammunition on her princess obsession.

So, I looked into the event and it is actually an amazing thing for young girls ranging in age from 2 - 10. It is an event to show girls that no matter what you look like you are a princess. It is quite the self esteem booster for a girl that may have issues with herself. Meggan has no such issues.

So, what happens is the girls have a Royal dresser assigned to them. This is a teenage girl, Emily, in Meggan's case, who is dressed in a beautiful prom dress that takes them around to decorate their wand, pick out a crown, their jewels and a dress. They then get to sit on a thrown and they are royally announced. NO JOKE!!!!

Then they let the girls sit on a smaller throne and get their picture taken with whoever. So, here is the pic of Meg and I. Meg's royal dresser took the picture.
Then you have the option to do a royal tea. Where they bring out little snacks (cucumber and dip, little PB&J Sandwiches, crackers and cheese, chocolate covered strawberries and cupcakes). As you can see from this picture they have a princess doll on each table. It really was an amazing event.

And you would think at the end of the event you give the dress and stuff back. But, oh no! You get to take it all home. CRAZY! And to think I was planning on going to the grocery store when we left. Instead we went home and Chad was like a helicopter landed over in the field by our house we have to go see what is. So, Meg hops on a tricycle (in full princess gear) and jack on his (WITH NO SHOES ON) and we take off running. We get over to where it is and we realize it is the Fire Departments Open House. So, Meggan goes thru the open house and every fireman told her she was a beautiful princess. I am sure people were like what is going on here. Meg just told everyone that she was a princess. GOD BLESS HER!!! She ended the day saying it was nice being a princess today. And she asked if we could take Ally and Nama to the event next year. I don't know if I am ready for Ally to be doing this stuff.

Have you ever been Ghosted or Booed??

Okay so some of you down there in the big city will probably think I live in some small town now. But, I just have to share this story because I think it is so funny what our neighborhood does at Halloween. So, one day I am talking to my neighbor and she asks me I ever been "Booed". I was like No what the heck is this now? There is a lot of stuff I am learning up here. Apparently being "Booed" or "Ghosted" (depending on the person you are talking to they call it different names) what happens is someone in the neighborhood starts the process by putting a container of goodies, a picture of a ghost and a poem at your front door. Then this "Phantom Ghost" rings your doorbell and takes off. So, you have no idea who it is. So, here is the poem that comes with the package:

The Phantom Ghost has come to town
To leave goodies you have found.
If you do not wish a curse to fall
You must continue this Phantom call.

First post this Phantom where it can be seen
And leave it there till Halloween.
This will scare other visiting Phantoms away.
Be sure to participate don’t delay.

Second make a treat
A Phantom and
A note like this.

Deliver it to a neighbor that might have been missed.
Don’t let them see you be sneaky no doubt…
(And make sure they put their Phantom Ghost out!)***

Next you will have only one day to act so be quick!
Leave it at the door where the Phantom has not hit!
Deliver it at dark when there is no light…
Ring the doorbell and run and stay out of sight!!!

And last but not least enjoy the season.
Don’t worry be happy for all the right reasons.
Be cool have fun and remember don’t be seen!!

So, after my neighbor told me about we interestingly enough got hit that night. Thank god she told me about it or I would have been like what is going on. Chad believes it was a child that delivered the package because there were footmarks on our cement and they were for a small feet. Yes like a scene out of Law & Order (Jim, this DUN DUN is for you :) )

Anyway, so then it was our turn to pick someone. So, we had to figure out who to hit that had not been hit. Well, we walked around the neighborhood and determined we were the 1st to be hit. We had free range to hit anyone. The kids gave their votes of who they wanted to hit, but the problem was they told all the kids they play with what had happened, so everyone knew we had been hit!

So, it got dark out and we decided it was time. Chad decided initially he was going to dress in all black. That way no one would see him. Then he decided No he was going to wear his Halloween costume for trick or treating to deliver the package. Yes I say this because he has a costume for when we go trick or treating and then he has his costume for the Halloween party we are going to in our neighborhood the next night. I think this is his favorite holiday in all seriousness. The costume is Master Sergeant from the game Halo. I know you are saying Who? What? EXACTLY!!! I a married to a sci-fi freak. But, I love him!!

So, here is the picture of him in the costume. I know this is for real. Ally was scared to death of him and Sox just sat there barking at him. He goes out the back door and the kids and I take off for our bathroom. Because from there we could see the front door of the neighbor we were delivering the package to. All of sudden we notice that out of the right one of our neighbors is coming around the corner (heading toward Chad) with his sons. All I keep thinking is Crap they are going to bust him, chase him or freak out because it is dark and let's be honest he looked scary!

He gets the package to the house, rings the doorbell and takes off down the street so as not to make it seem like he is coming to our house. Now for those of you that don't know we have a State Trooper that lives at the end of our block. Yeah so could you imagine what could have happened? So, the neighbor walking with his kids sees "Master Sergeant" and it seemed they were so shocked. Dane who is the neighbor we hit comes outside and is looking all over the place. Jack, Meggan, Ally and I are laughing and screaming in our bathroom. They were SO EXCITED! The kids who saw Chad go running over to Dane's house and points in the direction where Chad went and where he came from.

All I can say is it will make for a great laugh at the Halloween party on 11/1. Now one thing that can happen (AND DID HAPPEN) is you get hit multiple times. Even though you have a ghost in your window. That happened the other day and threw us off a bit. But, it is a fun game that is played.

Pumpkin Huntin'

So, at the beginning of October we did something that we had never done before. We went to a farm that has a pumpkin patch. It was the greatest thing. Me never having done that except maybe as a kid. I was so excited and wondered what it would be like. I would never do it any other way now. The kids were sooo excited to get to pick out their own pumpkins. We did not help them at all. Whatever they wanted they got. Couple of the pumpkins are green/orange.And strange shaped. But, we let them pick whatever their little hearts desired. It was really a blast.

The farm that had it is located in Winneconne. My neighbor, Christy, told me about this "Day on the Farm". You pay for the pumpkins by donation, so for you Chicago folk you given whatever you want. WOO HOO!! Me in my Chicago mindset felt we should give more than we did since we walked away with about 6 pumpkins, but Chad said No this is how it is. There you have it.

We got to feed the animals and go on a hayride. It was a great time. We will probably keep going back there, because it was such a nice relaxed setting. Not crowded and cheap fun!! We couldn't get home fast enough for the kids to put their pumpkins outside in their place for the season.

Signed Sealed Delivered

So, sweet little Ally decided to climb inside a box tonight. No not a big box as you will see in this picture. She actually was able to fit in this small box and laughed and laughed so much as we took a picture of her in it. I guess she was hoping we would ship her off to never never land.

Where have we been....

I know I feel very bad that I have not done any posting since 10/2/08. I guess we have been in mourning over the White Sox loss. LOL Actually when they lost Jack said he hopes the team that beat them did not win. Yes he is a true White Sox fan. And still obsessed with the game of baseball.

Anyway we have been pretty busy with school, work and all the activities in between. I had to travel down to my folks for work a couple weeks back. Now this week I go back down to see my surgeon for a recheck of my shoulder and to celebrate my dad's birthday. My shoulder is coming a long. Much better than it had been. THANK GOD!!! Still have some things I can't do or that cause pain and the strength is still being worked on. But, I am thankful I do not have the pain I previously had all the time. Anytime I hear now of someone having a shoulder problem I just cringe at the thought of what they are about to go thru. It is a hard thing to go thru, but I am glad that I can finally see the light or a dim glow. LOL

Anyway, I am going to be putting a bunch of posts out over the next day that I have been wanting to put out for a few weeks now. Need to get everyone caught up on the activities in the Pontow house.

Hope everyone out there is doing well! We are thinking of all of you and hope you are enjoying the fall as much as we are.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Root 'em On!!!!

Well it is an exciting day in the Pontow house. The Cubs lost last night and the White Sox play tonight. WOO HOO!!! Jack and Ally are dressed in their White Sox attire as you can see from these pictures. We will anxiously be watching the game and rooting them on.

Go Sox Go
Go Sox Go
Hey Chicago what do you say the Sox are going to win today!!!!