The Pontow Family Blog

The Pontow Family Blog

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sweet Sweet Ally

Well, Ally has survived 1 week of sleeping in a bed. Of course I don't know if Mom and Dad are surviving it yet. She has not napped all week because I just don't have the time (and really the patience) to have sit with her for 30-40 minutes like Chad does at night. God bless him, but that is one thing I just don't do well with. I like how with Jack and Meggan I can sing a song or just talk and then they go to bed. I have never done well with this stage of crawling out of the bed because we think it is cute. I don't think it is cute. Of course my mom tells me that I used to throw my dolls out at nap time, so I guess she is maybe following in my footsteps of attempting to stall the napping train.

Of course here are some great pics I got of her this week. Isn't she cute!!!! I tell you the color blue is the perfect color on her. Can you believe how blue her eyes are!!!!! And how amazing is it that I actually had time to put her hair up and put a pretty barrette in it. Susie, are you proud of me???? Of course you can't see what she is wearing to know that the barrette actually matches her outfit. :)

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