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The Pontow Family Blog

Saturday, September 20, 2008

On your mark! Get Set! GO!

Today Jack and Meggan did a Fox Cities Kids Fun Run at the Technical College. We knew that this would be something that was right up Jack's alley because he LOVES to run. Meggan we were not so sure about because she is the complete opposite when it comes to running.

She would rather just stroll. I think kind of like her Nama or maybe even her Great Aunt Denny. So, the above pictures were what they decided to wear for the run. And of course me wanting them to have this independence let them go in whatever their little hearts desired.
So, in Meggan's race she was the 1st girl across the finish line. There were 10 kids in her heat. There were 3 boys that finished before her. So, she actually did quite well. And her face the entire race was a HUGE smile and so proud of herself. Unfortunately I did not have the camera to take a picture of that smile. But, I had it for Jack's race. Jack was the 1st kid across the line in his heat. He said he was superman and no one could get past him. So, there you have it.

This picture is of them after the race and with their medals that they got for finishing the race. What a day!!! It was a ball and we look forward to the next race.