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The Pontow Family Blog

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jack's 1st Day of School

Today was Jack's 1st day of school. He was so excited last night talking about going to school today. It was so great to see. On Tuesday he and Meg went to meet their teacher. Of course they both wanted to stay and play. Jack played with his cousin, Hayden, in the construction area and Meg played with the dolls and dresses. Imagine that! I had asked Jack what he was excited about with school starting and his response was "Just going to school." I asked anything you are looking forward to and he again said "Just going to school."

So, as he went to bed last night he yelled out "WOO HOO" at the thought of school today. Of course Meggan was very sad to see him go and not get to stay at the school with him. But, tomorrow is her day. Jack reassured her by telling her that she would have a lot of girlfriends in her class. So, sweet.

When Jack came home I asked him what he learned and he said they read a story about Jesus and a tree. He made a picture for Meggan and they got to go to the library. He even got to bring home a book from the library. He said Ms. Mary, the librarian was very nice. I asked him if he made any he new friends and this is what he said "I asked Hayden if he would be my friend and he said Yes. Then I asked another boy if he would be my friend and he said yes." I asked him what was the other boys name. He said " I don't know." The funny part is that Hayden is Jack's cousin. And when Hayden told his mom, Stacy about school he said he played with his friend Jack. And she asked him if he meant his cousin Jack and he said his friend Jack. Hilarious!

And then while Jack was gone the girls played a bunch together. At one point they decided to lay on the couch and pretend like they were sleeping. Ally actually understood what we were saying about pretending to be a sleep. She is growing up so fast!! What a riot how she has her eyes closed. Meg's face looks the way it does because she was pretending to snore like her dad. LOL :)

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