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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Go Go Go White Sox!!!

This weekend was Grandparent's Day and so we continued our tradition with my dad to take him to the White Sox game with our kids. Last year was pretty rocky because it was 90 degrees in September and our seats were in the sun. Plus it was Meggan's 1st time going to the game. We thought after that game when we left in the 5 ining that we would never go to a game with Meggan again. But we did it again.

Thankfully we had great weather and it was night game this year. We figured we would stay and watch the fireworks, but when it got to the 12th ining and the game was still tied we said that's it for us.

The kids had a ball, but they were definitely tired after the game. Of course as soon as we got back to my parents house Jack asked Nama if the game was on their TV. It was and the kids got to see them beat out the Los Angeles Angels in the 16th ining. They also got to see the fireworks on the TV, so that was great. Of course they did see fireworks at the park because of the 3 homeruns. On the drive home Meggan asked if we were going to drop her off at Nama's house and then go back to the game. Too funny! Enjoy the pics from the game.

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