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The Pontow Family Blog

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ally Loves Gymnastics (We think)...

Ally started gymnastics with Chad and we think she likes. That is she likes it when she is not having to be helped by a little person. Yes, you read that correct. One of the teachers is a little person, dwarf. I am not sure what the politically correct term is, so I apologize in advance. I guess they have him teaching the class because he is at their level. I don't know. But, during the class he went to give Ally a high five and she backed away from him. So, strange that she would react like that. Normally she would give a high five with no problems. Then she went to go on the bar to hang like an Opossum and again she would not do it because of the teacher being there to help.

She had a blast doing some face plants on some of the contraptions. And she loved the pit that she kept jumping into. Jack, Meggan and I sat and watched her and when she saw us watching she started screaming and getting all crazy. Jack and Meggan were laughing hysterically at her with some of the stuff she was doing and maybe more so some of the stuff Chad was having to do with her as you see in the pictures. LOL

Ally is probably the youngest one in the class or close to it. The class is for 18 mos - 3 years. So, you can imagine Chad's face as he is trying to get her to jump and run backwards. She can barely run forwards. :) Oh well. It was fun and good for her to work out all of that energy she has.

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