The Pontow Family Blog

The Pontow Family Blog

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Last night we had a lot of screaming at our house by the kids because of the White Sox winning. Jack was sooo excited it was crazy. They were running around the house screaming and dancing. He called his Papa to tell him, as if my dad did not already know that they won. He gave him the play by play of how it ended. He said "Out Out Out". It was quite amusing. So, it will be interesting in our house if the White Sox continue to win and end up having to play to the Milwaukee Brewers. Poor Chad will be alone. LOL

Friday, September 26, 2008

And the wheels continue to go around and around...

Yesterday Meggan had her big day on the school bus home from preschool. Oh boy did she have fun. She took one of her baby dolls with her and just had a ball. She definitely is growing up very quick for us. Of course with that comes a lot of mood swings. I thought I still had some more time before that started, but oh well I guess not. Anyway, she said that she looked at the bus drivers belly because of what Jack said and she said she does have a big belly. Nice. But she doesn't think she is pregnant. So, there you have it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The wheels on the bus go round and round

Today was Jack's first day riding the school bus home from school. It is a great thing that they offer and so I decided to jump on the opportunity to not have to leave the house at lunch time to pick him up. So, of course god forbid I not take pictures of the moment. He was sooo excited about riding the bus. And he got to rid the bus with our neighbor a few houses away Kaitlyn. They are in the same preschool class. Jack took a long his baby tiger he got at the zoo this weekend and Kaitlyn has a baby she brings with each time.

So, when I asked Jack how he liked the bus ride he said that the driver was nice and she had a very big belly. He then went on to say that she must be pregnant because of the big belly. He would not stop talking about it. OMG!!! All I kept thinking was please don't let him say anything to the bus driver about her "pregnant" belly.Meggan's turn will come tomorrow and she said she is going to bring a baby like Kaitlyn did. Of course the downside to all of this is that now Ally has no car ride to put her to sleep at lunchtime. Especially since she is in a bed now the nap time is getting much harder to do because I can't spend 30 minutes in her bedroom waiting for her to go to sleep. Oh well, I will have to find some other way to get her to go down. I am determine to not have to spend this time doing it.

My own little artists

Hope this update finds everyone doing well. The kids have been very busy at school doing a lot of artwork and pictures. So, I thought I would take some pics of their artwork to share.

So, this first picture below was done where the kids had to pick out pictures that reminded them of their family. So, this was what Jack picked out for all of us. I could not believe it when I saw 1) the man with the dear for Chad, 2) how big Ally is and in the center of the page and 3) the picture of Meggan. So, I asked Jack why did you pick that picture for Meggan and he said because she is always crabby and crying. Isn't that special. That is all I can say.

The next day at school Meg did the same project. See below for what she picked. And of course Meggan's image is the biggest one on the page. No self esteem issues there you can see. I asked her if she thought I looked like the picture she picked for me and she said "No, I could not find one that looked like you." There you have it.

I thought this one was really cool. The kids took marbles and rolled them in paint and then used them to paint on the paper. I will definitely have to try this with them. In Meggan's class they had taken race cars and drove the wheels over the paint and used the wheels to paint on the paper. I don't have that picture yet to show, but it was neat too.

Instead I have this picture that Meggan painted. Interesting how all of the colors are kept separate and that she used so many colors. It says a lot about her personality. She is definitely like her mom.

And finally I end with something that I thought was soo cute and funny. This is a picture that Jack made of himself. They cut out the paper and then glued it together to look like themselves. I thought it was just so great and I always love the smiley faces he does.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pretty Pretty Ballerina

Today is Meggan's first ever dance class. She is so excited. Especially since she has a pink skirt, pink leotard (from Nama) and pink shoes. She is so excited and so am I to see what will come of this new found talent. Of course she has always loved to dance so it will be all good I am sure.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary Nama and Papa!

Today marks 40 years that my parents have been married. I can only hope that Chad and I will be lucky enough to make it to 40 years. We look forward to watching them spend another 40 years together. We love you mom (Rusty/Nama) and Dad (Big J/Papa). Have a great day!!!

Here are some pics from their big day 40 years ago. How cute!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sweet Sweet Ally

Well, Ally has survived 1 week of sleeping in a bed. Of course I don't know if Mom and Dad are surviving it yet. She has not napped all week because I just don't have the time (and really the patience) to have sit with her for 30-40 minutes like Chad does at night. God bless him, but that is one thing I just don't do well with. I like how with Jack and Meggan I can sing a song or just talk and then they go to bed. I have never done well with this stage of crawling out of the bed because we think it is cute. I don't think it is cute. Of course my mom tells me that I used to throw my dolls out at nap time, so I guess she is maybe following in my footsteps of attempting to stall the napping train.

Of course here are some great pics I got of her this week. Isn't she cute!!!! I tell you the color blue is the perfect color on her. Can you believe how blue her eyes are!!!!! And how amazing is it that I actually had time to put her hair up and put a pretty barrette in it. Susie, are you proud of me???? Of course you can't see what she is wearing to know that the barrette actually matches her outfit. :)

On your mark! Get Set! GO!

Today Jack and Meggan did a Fox Cities Kids Fun Run at the Technical College. We knew that this would be something that was right up Jack's alley because he LOVES to run. Meggan we were not so sure about because she is the complete opposite when it comes to running.

She would rather just stroll. I think kind of like her Nama or maybe even her Great Aunt Denny. So, the above pictures were what they decided to wear for the run. And of course me wanting them to have this independence let them go in whatever their little hearts desired.
So, in Meggan's race she was the 1st girl across the finish line. There were 10 kids in her heat. There were 3 boys that finished before her. So, she actually did quite well. And her face the entire race was a HUGE smile and so proud of herself. Unfortunately I did not have the camera to take a picture of that smile. But, I had it for Jack's race. Jack was the 1st kid across the line in his heat. He said he was superman and no one could get past him. So, there you have it.

This picture is of them after the race and with their medals that they got for finishing the race. What a day!!! It was a ball and we look forward to the next race.

Freckle Count

See how many freckles you think Jack has on his face right now.....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Meet my friend, Centipede

Yes you read that right. Jack told me this morning that the centipede he found on the ground is his friend. He saved it from some ants trying to take it away. He even got Ally into saving it and watching it closely. Oh boy does he loves bugs. He and some of the kids in the neighborhood decided to use the butterfly holder as a bug holder since butterfly season is over.
So, here we sit with a butterfly holder that has ants, roly poly bugs, worms, a white butterfly (maybe a moth), crickets, grasshopper and ladybugs. And of course then Chad found a frog and gave it to Jack so he put that in there too for a short time. Meg was not too interested in all of this bug stuff. But, Ally walked around with a worm in her hand and surprisingly did not squish it.
In these pictures the little spec on the ground that Jack and Ally are looking at is the centipede. Too funny! Ally kept even touching this bug.
And of course god forbid we not take pictures of the roly poly bug that Jack walked around with.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Don't wake the sleeping Lion

We put Ally's new bed together today and she attempted to nap in it, but did not nap at all. She kept coming out and jumping on the bed. So, we figured well she will be real tired tonight and will fall asleep right away.

Doesn't she look peaceful! Hopefully when Meggan goes to bed she won't wake her. Say some prayers that she stays in her bed all night long. Jack can't quite grasp why she is sleeping in bed when she is a baby. Oh boy!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ally Loves Gymnastics (We think)...

Ally started gymnastics with Chad and we think she likes. That is she likes it when she is not having to be helped by a little person. Yes, you read that correct. One of the teachers is a little person, dwarf. I am not sure what the politically correct term is, so I apologize in advance. I guess they have him teaching the class because he is at their level. I don't know. But, during the class he went to give Ally a high five and she backed away from him. So, strange that she would react like that. Normally she would give a high five with no problems. Then she went to go on the bar to hang like an Opossum and again she would not do it because of the teacher being there to help.

She had a blast doing some face plants on some of the contraptions. And she loved the pit that she kept jumping into. Jack, Meggan and I sat and watched her and when she saw us watching she started screaming and getting all crazy. Jack and Meggan were laughing hysterically at her with some of the stuff she was doing and maybe more so some of the stuff Chad was having to do with her as you see in the pictures. LOL

Ally is probably the youngest one in the class or close to it. The class is for 18 mos - 3 years. So, you can imagine Chad's face as he is trying to get her to jump and run backwards. She can barely run forwards. :) Oh well. It was fun and good for her to work out all of that energy she has.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gymnastics Begins with a 10

Well Jack and Meggan started gymnastics last night. OH BOY! At first Meggan did not want to be in the same class as Jack. Maybe out of fear that Jack would be tackling her in class like he does at home. Thankfully they were put into different groups within the class. Of course Jack was still able to get Meggan distracted by yelling to her to watch what he was doing.

Jack's big question was will there be any boys in the class? He said he thought it would be all girls. But when he got there half the class was boys. YEAH!!

Since the Olympics Jack started to work on his cartwheel and somersault. The teacher last night taught him to put his hands up after his somersaults as if he were in the Olympics. It was quite funny.

Now of course we don't want to leave Ally out of all of this fun. So, tonight Ally will be starting a tumbling class with Chad or me. I am sure I will be regretting this in a few weeks when she is jumping off of the furniture because of what she has learned. But, we need to get all of that energy out of her somehow.

I will try to take some pictures of Ally tonight since they have bleachers where you can watch the fun. :) LOL

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Go Go Go White Sox!!!

This weekend was Grandparent's Day and so we continued our tradition with my dad to take him to the White Sox game with our kids. Last year was pretty rocky because it was 90 degrees in September and our seats were in the sun. Plus it was Meggan's 1st time going to the game. We thought after that game when we left in the 5 ining that we would never go to a game with Meggan again. But we did it again.

Thankfully we had great weather and it was night game this year. We figured we would stay and watch the fireworks, but when it got to the 12th ining and the game was still tied we said that's it for us.

The kids had a ball, but they were definitely tired after the game. Of course as soon as we got back to my parents house Jack asked Nama if the game was on their TV. It was and the kids got to see them beat out the Los Angeles Angels in the 16th ining. They also got to see the fireworks on the TV, so that was great. Of course they did see fireworks at the park because of the 3 homeruns. On the drive home Meggan asked if we were going to drop her off at Nama's house and then go back to the game. Too funny! Enjoy the pics from the game.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Meggan's 1st Day of School

Here are pictures of Meggan on her 1st day of school. She was very excited and nervous. She was a little tired this morning, because Ally had trouble sleeping last night, but she was ready to go.

She was upset she did not get to play outside today at school because it is raining here. But, she did get to go to the library like Jack did and she brought home her 1st library book. She was just like Jack when I dropped her off at school just said Goodbye to me and went right into playing. No fear about it all. She was definitely ready.

When we went to pick her up Jack stood right by the classroom door and waited for her. He gave her a big hug and said he missed her. It was very sweet. Of course within minutes they were fighting. At least there were a couple minutes without the bantering. :)