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The Pontow Family Blog

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our 1st Butterfly is born.

Well, today has been quite a stressful day for me with the kids. Not much listening going on and way too much sassiness. And then at lunchtime I went to check on our caterpillars and look what I found. Some light has been shed on my day. I can't believe how beautiful this butterfly is. It is a Painted Lady Butterfly. I think I could sit and stare at the butterfly all day.

So, we called Nama to tell her about the butterfly and she asked what it's name was. We had not even thought about a name. So, Nama gave us a suggestion of Lucy. Meggan wanted to call it Meggan. As I would expect nothing less of Meggan wanted it to be just like her. :) So, we will see what they decide on. They also thought of Spots. We are real creative. LOL

Enjoy! In the picture below you will see one of the chrysalis to the left of the butterfly. That is another caterpillar that we are waiting to see transform.

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