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The Pontow Family Blog

Monday, July 7, 2008

And I thought it would be a piece of cake....

Well, I know I have not written anything in a month. It has been a very long month for me. I looked at my last entry the day of my surgery and just laughed. What was thinking it was only 3 holes. It actually ended up being 4 holes and boy are those 4 holes painful. :) So, the surgery that ended up happening was far more than just fixing my labrum (cartilage) tear. Turned out when they went in I had bone spurs, as well as, my shoulder was instable. This means that my shoulder was coming in and out of the socket very easily. I had been feeling a sensation of my shoulder giving out since the accident, but did not realize this sensation was actually my shoulder popping in and out. Isn't that special!

So, I have started my physical therapy today. THANK GOD!! I never thought I would say how glad I am to be doing the physical therapy. I have actually not really even been online reading email. Chad has been doing it for me and telling me what I have a lot of the time. It is just very hard to type email when your arm is in a sling 24 hours a day. :) I am counting down the days of when I can get the sling off. I still have I think 2-3 weeks to go with that. Unfortunately, because of what they ended up doing I am off of work for up to 2 mos. That took me completely by surprise. But, I completely understand given the way my shoulder feels how hard it would be to be sitting at a desk working for 8-10 hours a day. Plus I have to ice my shoulder every 2 hours and I have exercises I have to do every 1-2 hours.

So, along with the fun of that we have also moved. I have listed our new address below. The movers moved us in on 6/27/08 and then we left that same day to come back down to Chicago to go on a great vacation to the Smoky Mountains. I will be sharing pictures hopefully in the next week, as soon as I get them all organized on the computer. But, things that used to take me minutes to do now take me quite longer. :( Anyway, so now we are in the house and trying to get things in order. The kitchen and dining room are all done. YIPEE!! Given that those areas had the most breakable things we worked on them first. That way no chance of Little Miss Trouble (Ally) breaking anything. Kids rooms are somewhat put together, but we have not hung anything on the walls and those of you that know me know I hate having bare walls. Can't wait to start putting holes in the walls. :) Luckily there really is no painting that we need to do. The colors are all colors that I like. We will paint the 1/2 bath and then the kids bathroom. And I want to paint the bonus room (playroom) or as the kids have called it "Papa's room" and then the spare bedroom which the kids call "Nama's room". Not quite sure why they have separate rooms, but they have arguments about Nama and Papa having their own rooms. Lucky Nama and Papa!!

Alright, well that it is for now. Hope all is well with everyone and we look forward to visitors at the house anytime!!

111 Hidden Ridges Circle
Combined Locks, WI 54113
Home # 920-687-6505

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