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The Pontow Family Blog

Friday, July 25, 2008

Ally speaks....

Hi everyone! Well it was been a good summer so far even though I have spent it in a sling. I have finally gotten to shed my sling. Feel like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Yeah right! Anyway, so Ally has really become our chatterbox. She is talking morning, noon and night. She is pretty much non stop. She has even started to say Please, Pretty, Thank You and Baby. We are so proud of her. We keep pushing the talking with her. And of course she continues to be right in there with everything. Even with playing with the 50 kids in our neighborhood. Yes, that was not a typo. There are about 50 kids on our street ranging in age from 10 mos. to about 12 or 14 years old. Can you believe it!!!! I was invited to a Pizza lunch at one of the houses this week and that was only with 9 families and I could not believe the amount of kids. It was crazy and a bit overwhelming for me.

This weekend Jack and Meggan start their swim lessons at the YMCA. They are very excited. Of course, since my surgery and being home with the kids Meggan has grown much more attached to me and so for her swim lesson she wants me to be the one in the water with her. But, I told her I couldn't because of my shoulder. Anything to avoid the swimsuit is good for me. :)

Have a great weekend!!!

P.S. We spotted our first butterfly this week. It came by 2 days in a row. The kids were chasing it calling Auntie Meggan. It was very touching to watch them try and talk to it as if it was my sister. Love to all!

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