The Pontow Family Blog

The Pontow Family Blog

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's only 3 holes

Here I sit this morning waiting to go to the hospital for surgery. The surgery is only 3 little holes that have to do and then they put a camera somehow in those holes. Seems minor enough right? Yeah right! My 3 mos. of pain look to be coming to an end. I know I will have to endure more main for this, but then I can hopefully say in a few months that I can lift my kids without it hurting.

Thanks to everyone that has been supportive during this time for us. I love you all and will let you know how it all goes. Good things is since I can type about 70-80 words a minute my speed in typing with one hand could be about 40 words a minute which won't be that bad. I know I know I make light of it all. Love ya!

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