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The Pontow Family Blog

Friday, May 30, 2008

Combined Locks, WI Here we come...

Hello to all! Well we have found a house up in the Fox Cities area. It is in Combined Locks which is right there with Appleton. The people who own the house were relocated to Seattle so looking to get out of the house. We put our offer in (of course low balling them because everyone does it :) ) and found out that the Relocation company had just bought them out of the house and accepted our low ball offer. We are very excited. Click here to see pictures of the house. It is only 4 years old and painted just like I would paint my house. So, there won't be too much to do.

The kid are so excited about the house. Meggan was probably the happiest out of everyone. Because the girls room is pink. When she saw the room she did a loud gasp and started dancing around the room. And Jack's room is blue. Of course when he saw the house he said he did not like that it is blue on the outside. But, he seems to have gotten past that. There is a spare bedroom upstairs that is white and when the kids walked into that room they said this is for Nama and Papa isn't it? And we said yes it would be. We have lots of plans for the house. We will finish the basement and put a family room, bedroom, storage and bathroom down there. So, we can have lots of company and sleepovers. Everyone is welcome anytime! The door will always be open. Okay maybe not unlocked because I don't think I could ever get in that habit, but just ring the doorbell. :)

Anyway, we are very excited and feel like this was meant to be. Lots of kids in the neighborhood, St. Paul's Catholic Church around the corner and the Kimberly High School is walking distance from the house. You can actually see it from the upstairs bedrooms.

Take care and love to all!!

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