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The Pontow Family Blog

Friday, March 14, 2008

What a month March has been already....

Well it has been quite a month already with all 3 kids having ear infections and Jack getting ready to go to an ENT to get his Tonsils/Adenoids hopefully removed. And then we have our little sweetheart, Ally, birthday. She definitely got into opening the gifts and eating cake. No questions for her on what she should do. She is now walking and she will even show you her pointer finger if you ask her if she is 1.
Then just when we thought things were getting better because the kids were all feeling better we were in a car accident. It happened the day after Ally's birthday. Thankfully we are ok. Jack and I got the worst of it because we were hit on the passenger side by someone running a red light going at least 45mph. I am having some issues with my shoulder and Jack is extremely traumatized by it all. Thankfully Ally was asleep in the car when it happened so she was more startled than anything. And then we have our trooper Meggan who was completely unharmed. We are thanking the Angels that protected us because as you will see from the pictures of our car we are very lucky that we were not more hurt.

Take care and hopefully the rest of March will be much better in the Pontow house. :) We will keep you posted on whether Jack will be getting his tonsils/adenoids taken out. Hopefully before he gets another ear infection. :)

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