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The Pontow Family Blog

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


In case you don't know what you are looking at those would be Jack's healthy tonsils. Yes hard to believe that Jack is able to breathe with how big they are. We went to the ENT today and he confirmed what we have been thinking. Jack needs his Tonsils and Adenoids taken out due to both of them being very big. They say some kids are just born with large Tonsils and Adenoids. Lucky us. :)

A little history on Jack is that he has been snoring for a couple of years and wakes up very cranky after 11 hours of sleep. Our pediatrician is concerned that he has Sleep Apnea based on what has been going. Plus over the past 2-3 mos. Jack has had 5 ear infection. Not good. So, we went to see our family ENT (I say that because Dr. Miller took out my tonsils and his practice is going to take out my nephew Jimmy's T&A).

Anyway, so we will be getting his surgery scheduled first thing tomorrow morning. We will let everyone know when it is going to be. We hope it will get scheduled very quickly before we encounter another ear infection.

Anyway, adios T & As!!!!!

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