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The Pontow Family Blog

Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's a done deal....

Well Jacks is all set to get his Tonsils and Adenoids out. We are on the books for May 8th. Our Pediatrician wants this done at Lutheran General Hospital to be safe. And we are fine with that. Jack is not too happy about it but they sent us information to talk to him about so maybe that will help.

We are all doing okay. I continue with Physical Therapy from our accident on 3/9/08 and will go to see an Ortho doctor on 4/1/08 at the advisement of our Lawyer. Yes, we have had to hire a lawyer. The man that hit us insurance company is denying liability due to a medical issue the man had. So, we now have to go after them for our losses. We will see how it goes. I am also taking Jack back to the doctor because since the Thursday after the accident he has been complaining about headaches at night. So, we want to get it checked out because he has never had a headache before and it is a little conerning how long it has gone on and when it started. But, other than that we are doing good and are very thankful this Easter that we are all in one piece.

I love our new car. As many of you knew I never wanted to drive a mini-van, but I have been pleasantly surprised by our Chrysler Town and Country Limited. The kids (or I mean Jack and Meggan) can get in and out of the car on their own without me having to assist like in the Jeep. :) Ahhh the independence... So we are all enjoying that.

Well we wish all of our friends and family a Happy Easter!! Hope the Easter Bunny is good to everyone!!

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