The Pontow Family Blog

The Pontow Family Blog

Sunday, February 3, 2008

We survived....

Well, yesterday we had Jack's very 1st kid party. All I can say is PHEWWWWW!! We all really had a ball at Pump it Up. They put on a great party that is for sure! And I think the adults were just as a tired as the kids from jumping in all of the contraptions. I would highly recommend this to people that are looking for something to do with 4 year olds.

We really only had 2 meltdowns and it was due to hunger and exhaustion. :) Not too shabby! Well if you look to the right you will see I have a slideshow going of the pictures.

I have to say my parents, Jim (Big J or Papa) and Rusty (Nama), were jumping and sliding more than Chad and I. So KUDOS to them!! This is probably one of my favorite pics from the whole night.

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