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The Pontow Family Blog

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sisterly Love on Valentine's Day

Here we sit enjoying another Valentine's Day in the Pontow house. It reminds me back to when Chad and I went to Cancun and he proposed to me on Valentine's Day on the beach at night. I felt so sick and the poor guy was soo nervous. Hard to believe that was 8 years ago and look at what where we have gone. In the word of my brother, Jim, GOOD TIMES!

This year the girls were extra festive with their matching outfits. Now those of you that know me know I don't match my girls very often. It has to be a pretty cute outfit for me to do it. :) So, here you go an outfit that I knew would melt their Daddy's heart.

And poor Jack came home from school early because he was pretty sick. So, here is his Valentine's picture. Looks like we will be having a cuddle night to get him better. But I will tell you that last night when he was picking out his clothes I said you should wear red on Valentine's Day because that is the color of love. So, Jack proceeded to pick out his red shirt from Nama, Red pants, underwear with red in it and red socks. Now mind you all of the reds were different shades of red. Oh what a day!!! But, he did it all himself and that is what matters most. Okay, he is now calling me to come lay with him. So, there you go he knows how to melt his Momma's heart.


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